Stop hatin’ on the Brussels Sprouts!

Sauteed sprouts with butter, minced garlic, and bacon bits

Sauteed sprouts with butter, minced garlic, and bacon bits

The ladies of Apartment 11 get along famously, but one thing we just cannot agree on is brussels sprouts — I love ’em, she can’t stand ’em. I truly don’t understand why these little green globes of goodness get such a bad rap! They’ve got a fresh, cabbage-like taste and texture and they’re very good for you. With only 38 calories, 13% of your daily fiber and a whopping 124% of your daily Vitamin C in a cup, these little darlings pack a nutritious punch. Just be sure not to overcook them. I have a hypothesis that about 90% of our dislike of vegetables as children (and adults) has to do with them being overcooked (read: mushy and flavorless).

Here are a few sprout preparation ideas:

Sauteed with butter, garlic and bacon bits
Sautee a bit of minced garlic in (real!) butter, then toss your sprouts in and cook until they are just tender. Garnish with bacon bits, or leave them off if bacon’s not your thing.

Lightly blanched and tossed with lemon juice, olive oil, and sea salt
Boil the sprouts for about 6 minutes. Remove from water, dice and toss with olive oil and sea salt. These are great cold on a salad too!

Close up: don't you say "eww" until you try it!

Close up: c’mon, don’t say “eww” until you try them!

In a quiche or frittata
Slip some diced sprouts sauteed in olive oil into your next quiche or frittata. Adds nice texture and good nutrition. Great paired with a salty cheese like gorgonzola.

In vegetarian chili
I managed to sneak some sprouts in on the whole family by dicing them up and adding them to a big pot of veggie chilli. Kidney beans, corn, sprouts, diced tomatoes, and texturized veggie protein made for a hearty delicious chili!

So, what say you? Are you #teamsprouts or not so much?


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